We were planning to invite two people from Nepal from February 26 to March 6 to hold an international conference in Kurashiki, but this has been canceled.

This depends on the Japanese government's response policy for the new coronavirus on February 25,

but we and our guests are very disappointed. In the future, we would like to resume when the situation of the new coronavirus calms down.

We thank everyone who cooperated with this International conference.

Thank you.


1. Name of the Program
(1) Cross-Cultural Adaptation Training Program - Clarify Difficulties and Problems for International People to Live and Settle Down; subsidized by Human

Rights Promotion Department, City of Okayama
(2) Introduction and Exchange Program of Lifestyle and Culture to Improve Life and Mutual Understanding among International Residents and the Japanese (Okayama citizen); subsidized by the ESD Promotion Department, City of Okayama  
2. Objectives/Goals of the Program
(1) Cross-Cultural Adaptation Training Program 
1) Problem statement
International residents in Japan find difficulty in resolving troubles quickly in their living in Japan (Okayama).
2) Objectives
Discuss differences and similarities between home and host cultures.

Exchange ideas, feelings and thoughts. Demonstrate through games and cultural simulations what social skills will be chosen specific to culture.

Specific deliverables will be as follows:
a) Clarify difficulties and problems of international people.
b) Design a training program for international people.
c) Confirm the outcome of the training program.
d) Promote cross-cultural exchanges between international people and the host.
3) Goals
Discuss and present the outcome of the discussion among the Japanese and international residents regarding how we can  stablish such a system as quickly as possible where people can lead a life with a sense of reassurance based on common understanding.
(2) Introduction and Exchange Program of Lifestyles of International Residents   
1) Problem statement
People do not understand each other regarding the historical background of different culture
2) Objectives
a) Know traditional culture.
b) Know customs, cultural habit, and traditional events
c) Know the background how these culture and habits were born.
d) Know how foreign culture can interact.
3) Goals
Share common SDG goals participants want to implement together.
3.Implementation content
(1) Introduction of traditional culture in each country
1)Country of introduction
Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Brazil, Turkey, Austria,Switzerland, United Stats of America , Sweden, Korea, China, Malaysia,

Bangladesh, France Australia, etc.
2) Introduction method
a) Booths set up in each country (exhibits from the embassies in each country)
b) Leaflet distribution (introduction to traditional culture)
c) Participation in costumes (costume promenade)
d) Traditional performing arts (dance, singing in national costumes)
e) Introduction by PowerPoint
3)Time: 9: 00-12: 00, Saturday, January 25, 2020
However, the booth is set up all day
(2) Intercultural understanding business
1) Introduction of Japanese customs through drama (role play)
a) Around moving greetings
b) Neighborhood association business (how to dispose of garbage)
c) Health maintenance (hospital consultation)
2) Lecture
Theme: -Points for foreign residents living in Okayama-
“How to improve social skills!”
Lecturer: Kyoko Tanaka, Professor, Psychology Laboratory, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences, Okayama University
3) Leaflet display
Exhibition of issues and solutions extracted from questionnaires and interviews

4) Time: 13:00-17: 00, Saturday, January 25, 2020

March 10th(Sun)
Yata Branch Mabi Kominkan
1684 Yata, Kurashuki-city, Okayama)
ReportMeeting and Workshop in Kurashiki
Free transportation Bus service available  
Okayama International Center  
(Meeting point: Okayama International Center @ 8:00AM)
Will Receive your Lunch order at the venue 
Part1: Report Meeting 10:00-13:40
“Community Reactivating" Situation of villages in Nepal 
Senior Consultant, Community Reactivating Support desk,
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Mr. Hiroya Fujii (NPO, Sanson Enterprise)
② 11:10-13:40 (Lunch Break11:50-13:00) 
We Invite two people from Nepal!
Award winner 
Ms. Kalawati Kumari Joshi(Shreekot CLC, Teacher at Balairaj Basic School)
Mr. Sandesh Subedi(Bhitrikot CLC, General Member, Student of Agriculture and  
Forestry University Rampur)
Part 2 : Workshop 14:00-16:00
Theme:Issues and solution of “Community Reactivating”
Participator: From Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Japan
NPO Conference of Okayama International NGO 
Network (COINN)
UNESCO Nepal Kathmandu office
Okayama University UNEACO Chair
UENSCO Liaison Committee, Okayama
NPO Conference of Okayama 
International NGO Network (COINN)
6F, Okayama International Center,
2-2-1, Hokan-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama city
Okayama 700-0026
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TEL:  086-256-2535

Allow us to inform you that we are postponing the 2nd SDGs Workshop by foreign residents in Okayama Prefecture originally planned on January 272019 as an event for the fiscal 2018, expecting the same participants of the previous 1st SDGs Workshop to come back, but it became clear now that we will be in sort of them for the 2nd. We apologize those of you who intended to participate in the 2nd Workshop as well on January 27th. At the moment, we will make a plan for the 2nd after April 2019.
Thank you for your kind understanding of the change.

As for the 1st SDGz Workshop held on November 25, 2018 with the
participation of more than 40 persons from 17 countries, we are now
summarizing the contents.

Thank you

SDGs jp

download PDF Japanese       PDF English 

1stMeeting :Briefing of SDGs and Workshop
We will hold two workshops to with the aim of promoting of SDGs and sharing the vision for realizing the international city of Okayama at citizen level through this workshops and lectures –Theme of WS-
▶ What we can do for SDGs
▶ SDGs Activities from each country
▶ SDGs that everyone can be collaborated with
▶Task of SDGs what we can suggest to the government
*We will share and propose our opinion
*Who can join? Anyone who lives in Okayama Prefecture
*Foreign Nationals are the most welcome

Date: November 25 (Sun) 2018
Time: 14:00~17:00
Location: B1F, Reception Hall, Okayama International Center (2-2-1, Hokan Cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City)
    1st Session 14:00~15:00
       【Lecture 】What is SDGs?
         Lecturer: Hiromi Masuda (Under Negotiation)
        SDGs Project, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies  
   2nd Session 15:10~17:00
       【WS】SDGs Workshop
For Register/ Inquiry :Conference of Okayama International NGO Network (COINN)
6F, Okayama International Center, 2-1-1, Hokan Cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0026
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  TEL: 086-256-2535



Guideline:  “SDGs Promotion meeting for Foreign Residents of Okayama”

June 25, 2018

NPO Conference of Okayama International NGO Network(COINN)

1. Name of project

"SDGs Promotion meeting for foreign residents of Okayama"

SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals)

2. Contents of the project (refer to the "Request for Implementation")

(1) Video broadcasting and lecture meeting (SDGs explanation: see attachment)

   Theme: "Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); Important roles and efforts of Okayama University”.

   Guest Speaker: Mr. Atsufumi Yokoi

                Vice executive Director, Okayama University

  Date: August 24 (Fri) 2018 14:30-16:30

   Venue: Okayama International center

          B1, reception hall

  2-2-1, Hokancho, Kita-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0026 Japan

(2) SDGs Promotion meeting for foreign residents of Okayama

     Theme: Work shop; SDGs Promotion for foreign residents and Exchange student of Okayama

          Report, Find the problem, How to solve by citizens

          (Participates from 20 countries: UK, France, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italia, Portugal,

Netherlands, Austria, USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan)

1.SDGs outline & workshop

         Date: November 25(Sun) 2or 3 hours between 13:00-17:00

         Venue: Okayama International center

              B1, reception hall

      2-2-1, Hokancho, Kita-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0026 Japan

      2.Workshop & Proposal

  Date: January 27 (Sun) 2019 2or 3 hours between 13:00-17:00

         Venue: Okayama International center

              7th FL. Hall

      2-2-1, Hokancho, Kita-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0026 Japan

 3. Purpose of the project

 Three projects are aimed at promoting understanding of SDGs (sustainable development goals) and sharing vision for realizing the international city Okayama at citizen level through lectures and workshops.

  Firstly, we are going to organize the lecture meeting as following.

Welcoming Mr. Atsufumi Yokoi, vice director of Okayama University, to deliver the speech regarding to the trend of the world centered on SDGs with the theme of "Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); Important roles and efforts of Okayama University”. Through his speech, we would like to deepen the understanding of SDGs promote it.

  Secondly, we would like to hold the SDGs promotion workshop for the residence of Okayama to make proposals for the future with sharing ideas of citizens and participants 

regarding to SDGs.

4. Challenges / goals

(1) Issues of "Building a Sustainable Society"

· Difference between mutual cooperation and implementation recognition

 · Mutual sharing such as enlightenment, intention to implement, dissemination etc. of each country

· Recognize the necessity of some partnership on an ongoing basis

· Recognition that the world is connected

(2) Goals of 'Building a sustainable society' covered in the project

· Launch of SDGs mutual training network system

· Common goals (recognition within families, common recognition among friends)

(3) Relationship with SDGs (Sustainable Development Target)

· 17 Goals; achieving toward goals with partnership

(multi stakeholders · partnership)  

  (4) How to connect learning and practice

· Explanation of specific matters

· Our proposals in the future


 5. Timetable


2018 June












Contents and methods

1st Executive committee Meeting (Kick off meeting) Business plan, Participant recruitment proposal

Cooperation structure decision (Exchange planning group, International support group Domestic support group, Experience planning group)

2nd Executive committee

Create the list of participator/ foreign residents

SDGs Lecture Meeting (1st: Video broadcasting and Lecture)

1st Briefing for foreign residents (early in September)

2nd Briefing for foreign residents (for those who could not participate 1st briefing)

3rd Executive committee progress meeting 

Create participators list for exchange students and foreign residents

SDGs Promotion meeting for foreign residents of Okayama (Briefing for SDGs at the same time)

4th Executive committee

2nd SDGs Promotion meeting for foreign residents of Okayama(workshop)

Create Progress report


Specified Nonprofit Corporation, Conference of Okayama International

NGO Network (COINN)

7Cooperate Sponsors(Tentative)

       ・Okayama International Contribution promotion council (OCPIC) (Office: Okayama    Prefecture, International Division)

Okayama ESD promotion commission(Office: Okayama city ESD promotion division)

Okayama International Business AssociationOIBA

Okayama NPO Center

8. Executive Committee

Academic expert, SDGs related administrative official, facilitator, NPO Okayama international NGO Network (COINN)Board Member, Community Learning Center -CLC Participant (CLC = Community Learning Center: Overseas Facility equivalent to KOMINKAN)

9. Public relations cooperation

Okayama Prefecture Mayor's Association

10. Participants 1
  (1) Lecture Meeting

· Municipalities (regional promotion, international, planning-related officials)

· Okayama International Contribution Promotion Council

 (Industrial, Official, Academic, NGO Member)

· Okayama International Business Association (OIBA)

(Economic Relations Member)

· Okayama NPO Center

(Environment, Welfare, International, Human Rights NPO Member)

· NPO corporation Conference of Okayama International NGO Network (COINN) (International Relations Member)

· Foreign Residents of Okayama

 · Education officials, citizen activities · community activities · stakeholders of NGO activities, university staff · students · universities Graduate student, administration, others such as citizens who interested in this project

   (2) SDGs Promotion meeting for foreign residents of Okayama

    Foreign Residents   20 foreign residents (1 from each country) 36 max(6people x 6 tables)

      ・Japanese             6 Japanese (Facilitators) 12 max(2 people x 6 tables)

11. Participants 2(general citizen) Tentative  Total: 200 people

   (1) Lecture meeting: 100 people

   (2) SDGs Promotion meeting: 100 people

12. Contact

   Specified Nonprofit Corporation

   Conference of Okayama International NGO Network (COINN)

Address:6th Fl. Okayama International Center,

2-2-1, Hokancho, Kita-Ku, Okayama City

 TEL: 086-256-2535

     FAX: 086-256-2576

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.