Our Mission
International Understanding Better understanding of the culture to rid the prejudice.
International Exchange Better understanding of the difference of the culture to deepen our friendship. 
International Experience Actively visiting the site to understand actual situation.
Internaional Collaboration Overcoming the borders and nationality to work together toward our goal.
International Support Put ourselves in their position when supporting the people.
International Contributions

Build symbiotic relationships and global peace.

Build global frienship and sense of togetherness.




Mission of COINN

We will play a central role in collaborating with international organizations due to address and find solutions to global activities and challenges.

Our Activities 
   Promote international activities in local communities
  • Gaining cooperation and partnerships from relevant organizations
  •  "Global Citizen FESTA in Okayama" 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Introduce activities of relevant organizations and deepen their partnership.
  • Provide information of the relevant organizations on our website.

"Global Citizen FESTA in Okayama 2004

Promote networks with overseas NGOs and relevant organizations
  • Deepen partnership with overseas NGOs and relevant organizations (Mainly organized Okayama Topia for International Cooperation(OTIC) which comprised more than 80% of COINN members)
  •  "International Contribution NGO summit (10 times)"
  • Cooperation between international organizations.
     "International Contribution NGO workshop"

"International Contribution NGO workshop"( photo taken in 2004)