If feel privileged to have been a part of Shiraishi community as a volunteer, even for as short a time as it lasted. Working alongside Tadashi-san and Tetsuya-san (my host in Okayama) to make bamboo lights was a pleasure, they made sure I was welcomed and able to enjoy the island and its history during the couple of days I was there. 
The crafting of bamboo lights was quite rewarding, the natural material and final result made for a nice experience.
Futhermore, the International Villa is a great place to stay, all common areas have a homy feel and a glass wall to enjoy a view on the sea.
All in all, the island is beautiful, and has many a treasure to offer. I had a great time sharing stories with its inhabitants. I enjoyed a lot walking the trails, passing through peaceful bamboo groves, going up small mountains & rocks, leading to nice resting spots and other shrines, looking at the surrounding sea and islands. The streets and houses themselves are quite traditional and pretty.
I was very lucky to experience life on Shiraishi island. If you have the opportunity to visit, don’t think twice ! I look forward to see it during summer time.
Amazing time ! Thanks again every one !