In February, I have volunteered  in Okayama with my host Mr. Katayama.

During my stay, we went to Shiraishi Island for a one night stand in the International Villa. The villa is very cosy and the japanese bedroom vey enjoyable. The wiew from the villa on the beach and the sea is also very beautiful.
My stay on the island was very nice and I had the opportunity to assist to Setsubun and discover more about the traditions in Japan. I was also met very nice Japanese locals.

I also had the opportunity to go twice to Hattoji International Villa. The first time, we went there with Mr. Katayama for a one night stay. Although the house is very cold in winter, the architecture and the landscapes are so beautiful, that they make you forget about the cold. The second time was only for the day but I had the opportunity  to discover a little bit more about the surrounding area which was very nice.
I also had the opportunity to make bamboo lights. That was very fun and the result is beautiful.

During my stay in Okayama, I also helped with the translation in English and in French of the International Villas website.

In a nutshell, I really enjoyed my stay and my volunteering in Okayama and discovering the villas and their surrounding areas was very rewarding.